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By Myself

Raju at the gathering

Sometimes I feel like I have to be superman
Then, I think
Well, be superman
I can’t not do what needs to be done
I guess that’s what it means to be a man
The ability to create a plan and dedicate yourself to something

Through execution

To believe in yourself
When you have to be something you’ve never seen in yourself

I know what it’s like to have triple-digit outstanding amounts, a dollar in your account, and less than a quarter in your tank
Driving down the street on E – Filling out applications in places that said they needed help over the phone
Then see you say they’ll call you, and never hit yo phone

Yeah, I’ve felt out of touch
Out of space
Out of love
And still, all out of hate

I’ve felt frustrated at times
I’ve cried while listening to never would of made it
At times
I don’t want to wear my cape

How can I save a city when I can’t save myself

That’s it
I gotta save myself

I may not have it made
Or be paid, myself
But I gotta million dollar mind and a Billion dollar grind
Everything I need to pay myself

To know you need help, and not know where to go
So you open the book on the shelf

Psalm 61:2 When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to a rock that is higher than I am

While reading I gain strength, confidence, and health

Then I realized the reason I feel by myself.

I need to feel loved, by myself.

– Raju